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Fluted Metering Rollers

To suit the size and properties of the seed to be metered, a number of rollers are produced with different flute patterns.

Cup Assemblies/ Valleys

These are fabricated to match delivery requirements, and can be rearranged to suit future configurations.

Flap Assemblies

The flaps arereadily changed in an out to suit the clearance requirements of the seed variety to be sown.

Drive Options

Depending on the logistics involved and the customers preference a number of drive options are available.

Metering SYSTEM

Simple. Robust. Reliable.

One simple, robust & reliable metering system,through the easy interchanging of componentsis adaptable to many different seeding applications to suit the customers' requirements.

Wide range of small seeds, Lucerne, Canola, Clovers etc through to Sorghum & Sunflowers* Large range of cereals Wheat, Oats, Barley etc right through to most pulses, Albus Lupins, Faber Beans Mouse baiting* through the small seeds boxes is a realistic option.
(*change of roller may be required)

Boxes can be designed for mounting to existing cultivators, combines and even marshal spreaders. Entire sowing units can even be built in the case of traditional band and tyred roller seeders.

Many of our boxes, are retro fitted as small seeds or additional bins onto existing airseeder units that feature venturi air systems. Another common application is in the conversion of trashworkers, cultivators etc into viable sowing units by the addition of a primary bin and air system. Also offered are a range of purpose built air carts, as trail behind units.

Also available is a pressurised box design for mounting onto existing airseederunits,or for the conversion of cultivators to air systems. A fully sealed version of the Ausbox metering system is used, along with a fully adjustable sealed lid to prevent system leakage.

We offer a full range of custom metal fabrication services, including projects in stainless steel& aluminium. We also offer certifiedwelding in steam and other critical applications(GMAW, MMAW & TIG processes)